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Meat processing with retail

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Farm meat processing company is a modern certified meat processing factory in the Ufimskii region.

Our standards do not allow of using frozen raw materials, mechanically deboned meat, skins, flour and soybeans - this is exclusively fresh meat from farmers of Bashkiria. The innovative equipment allows us to save carefully its original freshness without using of GMOs and preservatives.

Due to own branded stores we carry out full quality control of our products at all stages - from production to sale. The absence of unnecessary provisioners between the farmer and the buyer has a positive effect on the final cost of our products. All this together allows to achieve the perfect balance between price and quality.


Farm meat processing company produces:

  • deli meats;
  • meat delicacies;
  • horse meat delicacies;
  • frozen products;

and also - varietal farm meat: beef, pork, horse meat, chicken