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/ More than 50.000 tons of sugar were produced at the Raevsahar factory.

More than 50.000 tons of sugar were produced at the Raevsahar factory.

12 apr 2020
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The Factory workers produced 350.000 tons of raw materials and prepared half of the annual requirement of the republic for a sweet product.

At the beet factory, the staff of which works almost the entire harvesting season in time pressure mode, today there is a lull – the acceptance of sweet root crops is completed. Since the current harvest, more than 522 thousand tons of raw materials have been harvested here. The geography of deliveries was extensive as in previous years. Beets were brought from 18 regions of the Republic. The agricultural enterprise "Avangard" of the Abdullinsky district of the Orenburg region has been among the deliverers for several years.

- This year raw materials are of excellent quality. Due to the good weather, which helped farmers during harvesting, the contamination of beets was only 8.4 percent. The sugar content is made up of 18.50 percent. For comparison: last year, the contamination of root crops was 12.4 percent, sugar content - 17.71 percent, - says chemical engineer for raw materials Ekaterina Beketova.

In the kagats built on the territory of the plant, there is also a share of Alsheyevsky beet growers. This season, the farms of the district have grown sweet crops on 935 hectares, 44.189 tons of root crops have been accumulated. An average of 472 quintals of sugar beet were produced per hectare. Traditionally, the farm of the Dibaev brothers from the Nigmatullino village holds the brand. Today, the average yield of their plantations has reached 522 quintals per hectare. The Dibaevs delivered more than 13.000 tons of raw materials to the factory. 

To date, sugar producers, with the production capacity of the plant of 4500 tons of raw materials per day, processed 350.000 tons of harvested stock. 53.000 tons of granulated sugar were produced – this is half of the annual need of the Republic. As the factory workers say, the sugar yield is good – it was 15.40 percent. 

Despite the fact that the harvesting of beets is completed, work is still ongoing at the receiving point. Here, the condition of the kagats is monitored, the beets laid outside the hydrolotks are transported to the main feed path-to turn the root crops into white sweet crystals.