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/ In the Republic of Bashkortostan the sugar factory completed processing of raw materials

In the Republic of Bashkortostan the sugar factory completed processing of raw materials

29 jan 2021
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Raevsahar Factory processed 548.000 tons of sugar beet and produced 81.000 tons of sugar. The enterprise is entering the off-season mode - the processing of raw materials has been completed, the Ministry of Agriculture reported. The Factory received beets from 14 regions of the republic.

“The beet growers received a good harvest, harvesting in favorable conditions. The contamination of beets was only 8.4%, the sugar content reached 18.5%” the Ministry of Agriculture commented.

Raevsahar, LLC together with Karlamansky Product, LLC and other enterprises are parts of Bashkir Sugar Company, which belongs to the Star Nafta Management Company of entrepreneur Mansur Latypov since the summer 2020 Last year the enterprise underwent modernization, the new owner plans reconstruction, his investment project for about 930 million rubles is included in the priority list.

Reconstruction is also underway at the second operating sugar factory in Chishmy. Each enterprise will process 6 thousand tons of sugar beet per day (now Raevsahar processes 4.5 thousand tons, Chishminsky sugar plant - 3 thousand tons).

Nowadays, two factories produced 170.000 tons of sugar, almost reached consumption rate per local resident of the republic (according to the standards of the Russian Federation - 24 kg per year, in reality people consume twice as much).

The factories are faced with the task of reaching the production level of 300.000 tons of sugar in 2-3 years, the Ministry of Agriculture reminded.

The work of the Meleuzovsky plant was frozen by the owners (Prodimex Group) in January 2020 after the "sugar crisis" caused by the sugar prices falling due to a large harvest of root crops in 2019.